FAQ - (Frequently Asked Question)

1. For the drawings

1.1. How does the preparation for the drawing take place?

Each circulation is carried out under the strict control of the circulation Commission, which consists of representatives of the Ministry of Finance and an independent audit company or representatives of the public.
All members of the Commission sign the protocols, which indicate the correctness of the draw.

The entire process of preparing and conducting the circulation is recorded on video, which is stored indefinitely along with the protocols.

The inspection drawing machines and check their performance (test set of balls).

The Chairman of the Commission randomly selects and opens envelopes with the numbers of the Lotto and set of balls that will participate in the upcoming edition.

Sets of balls are stored in a safe, in sealed suitcases. After the choice of a set of balls is made, the Chairman of the Commission checks and breaks a seal. And after the circulation, he seals the bag with the balls again.
All procedures related to the balls (weighing, bookmark in the Lotus) are performed exclusively in gloves.

Each ball of the selected set is solved on high-precision electronic scales. The Commission closely monitors the process and after weighing signs the Protocol.

Are laid balls in the Lotto.

The Studio is ready to start the draw.

At 21:00 the lottery system is disconnected from the channels of communication with the outside world. The lottery system automatically disables the ticketing function. Protocols are signed indicating the number of bets on the draw and the end time of accepting bets. All transactions in encrypted form, which were recorded by the system at the time of termination of sales are copied to the media, which is archived.
Copies can be transferred to the representative of the independent audit company (that after carrying out circulation, on the independent equipment it was possible to check correctness and accuracy of work of «Lotto Ukr™» Lottery System)

The drawing begins (broadcast recording). Starts the Lotus. The protocols record the winning numbers.

From the Lotus pull out all the balls, put them in a suitcase. The suitcase is sealed and locked in the safe.

Representatives of the Commission deliver protocols to the computer center. A winning combination is introduced into the lottery system.

The procedures of closing the day of the lottery system are started. The procedure of determining the winners of the current draw (decryption of transactions and verification of compliance rates winning numbers).

1.2. What is the difference between lottotron "A" and "B"? What is the difference between sets of balls?

Lottotron "A" and "B" are identical.

There are also 4 identical sets of balls "1,2,3,4".

Before the start of the draw, the draw Commission randomly selects one of the Lotto and one set of balls.

This is done to ensure maximum independence of the results of the draw from any external factors.

1.3. Why does the betting stop 5 minutes before the draw and not a few seconds before?

This is a requirement of the inspection structures.
This time is necessary for representatives of these structures to document the number of tickets sold, the inability to sell a ticket after the sale of tickets, to transfer the protocols to the Studio, etc.

1.4. When and where is the lottery held?

The draw is held almost immediately (after 5 minutes), after the game closes (stops accepting bets).

The drawing is held in the Studio, located in the office of «Lotto Ukr™». The drawing is overseen by a Commission of several people, including representatives of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and an independent audit company.

1.5. How can I be sure that the draws are fair and the results are not rigged?

«Lotto Ukr™» follows a strictly controlled procedure for each draw of each lottery, including detailed checks and records.

The process of drawing from the beginning to the end is recorded on video, each stage of the drawing takes place under the supervision of an independent auditor, representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the public, to ensure absolute transparency of each drawing and ensure that each drawing is fair and the results are really random.

If you want to personally attend the drawing, you can contact the head office of «Lotto Ukr™» by phone

0 800 807 807

and coordinate Your visit to the Studio in Kiev, or enroll in the Commission.

1.6. Why the «Lotto Ukr™» lotteries are broadcast in the recording?

In addition to the fact that the live broadcast is much more expensive and technically more difficult than to broadcast on record, the main reason is the conditions offered by the channel.
The stability of the broadcast time is important for the broadcast of the drawings live. Unfortunately, the channel can not provide (on acceptable terms) the possibility of a clear release time in the context of time 20:00-21:30.
The proposed exit time is 22: 55. Since the draws must begin immediately after the termination of ticket sales, and the acceptance of bets does not make sense to continue after 21: 00, the draws are held at about 21: 05, and the air is naturally recorded.

1.7. When are you going to get my combination?

In each draw random numbers appear and the results of each draw are unpredictable.

1.8. Can you tell me the numbers that will come up in the next draw?

In each draw random numbers appear and the results of each draw are unpredictable.

2. Lottery game

2.1. Do the numbers obtained in the "Auto" mode have more or less chances to win?

In each draw, random numbers appear and the results of each draw are unpredictable, so all combinations have the same chances of winning, regardless of whether they are crossed out by the player or generated by the terminal in the "Auto" mode.

2.2. Are the numbers generated in Auto mode really random?

Yes. "Auto" numbers are generated randomly by the lottery system.

The current time and other pseudo-random parameters are used to randomize the process of sampling a random value.

2.3. How many combinations are there in «Lotto Ukr™» lotteries?

In different lotteries-in different ways.
More details can be found on the "Rules" page of each game.

2.4. When will be held the following Superprize in "SUPER LOTTO"?

Supergrass shall be held not earlier than a week after being announced.
Declare Supergrass according to the rules of the "SUPER LOTTO".
The rules can be found on the website "rules": "Documents"

3. On the work of «Lotto Ukr™»

3.1. What kind of activity should have the SPD in the trade patent to cooperate with «Lotto Ukr™»?

Ideal for: Distribution of state lotteries or activities in the field of recreation, culture and sports, distribution of lottery tickets»
Other possible options:Other activities»

3.2. How can I become a distributor of lotteries «Lotto Ukr™»?

Contact your nearest «Lotto Ukr™» office. Or send an email to office@lotto-ukr.com

3.3. When will you install a terminal near my house (in my neighborhood; in my village, etc.)?

«Lotto Ukr™» does not install its own terminals "where it wants".
«Lotto Ukr™» provides terminals for free rent to everyone.

So if there is anyone willing to install the terminal, «Lotto Ukr™» without problems gives him the terminal.

3.4. Can «Lotto Ukr™» employees play the lottery?

Yes, certainly.

3.5. How can I contact «Lotto Ukr™»?

You can call the main office (044) 220-49-49, write a letter (office@lotto-ukr.com) or come to your nearest regional office.

4. Wins

4.1. What happens to a multiple-entry ticket if you win?

With this ticket, you can come at any time to win. The amount of winnings in this case is immediately calculated for all draws in which the ticket has already participated. If at the time of receipt of the winning ticket still has to play in several subsequent draws, the terminal, in addition to printing the receipt of the winning amount, will print another "RESTORED" ticket with the same numbers as the original ticket, but only for the remaining draws. Paid ticket will be recorded in the system as already paid, and "RESTORED" is actually a new unique ticket.

4.2. What happens to expired winning tickets?

Unpaid amounts are always returned to the prize (reserve) Fund and thus get back to our players.

These amounts serve to subsidize the size of the current jackpot, provide guarantees for the payment of the claimed jackpot, etc.

4.3. What happens if I lose my winning ticket?

All winning tickets are bearer securities, effectively as currency.

If You lose your ticket and it does not have Your signature on it, then anyone who finds Your ticket can get a prize on it.

4.4. How long can I receive my winnings?

All winning tickets can be paid within 180 days from the date of the draw.

After this period, the ticket loses its winning status and the winnings go either to the reserve Fund of the game or to the prize Fund of the first category.

4.5. «Lotto Ukr™» employees have won a large amount?

Unfortunately not

4.6. What part of the amount of tickets sold is the Prize Fund?

The prize Fund of our lotteries is not less than 50% of the amount of tickets sold.

4.7. If I win the jackpot, when can I claim my winnings?

All winnings are paid according to the official terms and conditions of the event.
Payment of winnings, regardless of the amount, begins the day after the draw.

The procedure of payment of very large winnings (more than 29 999 UAH.) may take several hours (paperwork, opening an account, etc.).
Therefore, to speed up the procedure, the player must first inform when he is going to come for his winnings and agree on the terms of receipt.

4.8. Can I claim my winnings without presenting a winning ticket?

No. You must have a ticket on hand to get a win on it.

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